“Every Child is an artist.

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

~ Pablo Picasso


Have you ever had the question in mind that there must be more in this life that we are seeing in our bare eyes?

Have you ever wanted to discover life further, into its true meaning? With this, I am referring to questions like “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” “Where am I going?” “What is my purpose?” Have you forgotten how to be joyful and playful like a child? Where is the enthusiasm you miss so much, with an unlimited amount of energy!

Your own Inner Child can help you to find answers to all these above questions that you are seeking. You just need to take a deep dive within in order to find the answers; in order to remember. I am here to support you. I can guide you to find the connection again with your Inner Child, and get in touch with your highest self, ie. your authentic (infinite) self. You have all the answers within you, and I will be the guiding light on your path towards the happiness and joy.

I am using a holistic approach in my coaching, as I am seeing, us humans, holistically – mind, body, soul perspective. We all are beautifully designed, and everything is connected; our mind, emotions, body, overall well being. Identifying and bringing hidden pieces into awareness that are creating unbalance, the real healing can begin.

The healing methods I am using vary between people, as I want to emphasize the uniqueness of each individual. I am holding a loving space for you to share and express yourself freely and unconditionally. To mention some methods I am using on my coaching session: more traditional Holistic Life Coaching methods, Self Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Soul Plan Reading and Light Grids Method by Damien Wynne.

Re-discover your own self-empowerment and find your true talents and gifts. You are worth it, a unique, lovable, beautiful just as you are!


Photo credits: Mahalo Kai Fotografia

Photo credits: Mahalo Kai Fotografia

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